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I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
— The most common regret of the dying.

Our mission is to inspire and enable a world where everyone is following their passions. 

We offer in-person community based programs to help you pursue your dreams, and experiences to connect you with other like-minded individuals, including Passion Talks, Shine and soon Passion Dinners. 

Our programs and workshops are offered at General Assembly and Stanford University, and our organization has been featured in Forbes and Women 2.0.

We work with the most inspiring, committed and experienced individuals with backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurship to coaching and psychology to lead our programs. Meet them here.

Over 500 people have attended our flagship, by application, Find Your Passion Program.

Our values


Connect honestly

Love yourself and others

Flirt with boundaries

Take action

Design beautiful experiences

Our method


The Passion Project

A Passion Project is a 30-day creative side project that’s connected with your passions, has tangible outcomes and you can complete it without quitting your job or your education. Examples include and are not limited to learning to play the violin, writing a book, creating a trailer for a documentary, prototyping a food app or even 30 days of random acts of kindness.


The Passion Project is a proven method (we have seen a 95% success rate) that is guaranteed to 

1) Bring you back confidence in yourself and your vision by taking you from procrastination to action

2) Give you further clarity on what you want out of your life and career

3) Be a great way to experiment a new business, industry or an idea you have been daydreaming about

4) Serve as the perfect way to belong to a meaningful community through collaboration and mutual support

5) At times, turns into the launch pad of the next big company that will change the world 

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Our blog Passion Stories is an inspiration platform, where we feature 100 stories of every day heroes who have left their traditional jobs to pursue their passions. The book "101 Passion Stories" will be coming out in fall 2015. Stay tuned by joining our thoughtful newsletter