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  • 14 Cumberland St
  • San Francisco, CA, 94110
  • United States

Do you have a passion project you are working on and you want to take it to market? Are you curious about the step-by-step process of the inner struggles and outer framework of a product and launch plan to get there? Would you like support in the process of understanding how to bring your passion to a product to positively impact the world?

Sierra Campbell is the founder of Ventana Yoga, an upscale line of yoga mats manufactured from natural and recycled materials. After 16 years of teaching yoga and meditation, Sierra had an idea to place her own art and the art of friends on yoga mats to inspire yoga practitioners and found that yoga mats are made from highly toxic, non-biodegradable materials. She then spent the following year learning about green manufacturing, sourcing the best materials, understanding how US-based manufacturers can receive grants and tax credits to use recycled materials, and exploring non-toxic printing methods on more sustainable mats. Ventana launched in retail stores January 2015 and is scaling quickly through a network of sales agents spread across the country, a brand for friends program, and partnerships with retail stores. 

This event is free. To keep the evening intimate space is capped at 30 participants.