We’ve helped people like:

Kate Kittredge, who worked in marketing at Google but realized she wasn’t happy stuck behind a desk. Her passion was to create beauty with her hands.

Alex Regenstreich, who had a passion for taking pictures of faces that appear in everyday objects but needed help to take his idea to the next level.



Kate pursued her big vision of being a floral designer. She had no background in floral design, but through doing a Passion Project, she built up her confidence. Now she’s a full-time floral designer and is the creative director at Bloom That. She’s doing what she was put on this earth to do. Watch her story.

Alex used the accountability and support that the Find Your Passion Course offers to complete a book and a t-shirt line in just 30 days. He also began building a community reflecting the values of his project, which are to inspire delight and perspective. Read more.

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