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As an early employee of Airbnb.com Venetia has spent the last four and a half years helping build the brand & cultural foundation of a company gone global.  Before Airbnb she lived in Los Angeles improvising, directing, and producing.  She also once ran a dog jogging company. 

At Shine Venetia will be representing one half of the Records for Posterity team - a project that her friend Rebecca Marshburn and her created as a side project. Its an interactive piece to share, ask questions and celebrate wisdom and stories from those we love. 

Go ahead and fill it out before the event and see what comes out :) 

Talk by JJ O'Brien, Founder of www.Hemhaus.com

JJ O'Brien started his career in front of excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides.  After coming back from working abroad to attend Stanford's Graduate School of Business, JJ realized the only way he would find happiness in his career is leaving the world of finance for more creative pursuits.  He started hem/\haus, an interactive apparel brand, to create apparel that engages people, one of his main passions in life.  


Champagne, Art, Passion Projects and more