Instructor Name: Mariam Semaan


Background: Who am I ? A Stanford Journalism Knight Fellow happily standing at the intersection of Media, Design thinking and Storytelling
What do I do? I Collaborate with clients to develop customer-centered experiences based on narratives that inform, educate, entertain, and allow deeper engagement and interactivity. 
Why do I do it? because 10 years of sourcing, crafting and sharing knowledge and information through different media taught me that building great stories have the power to bring people together, impact their behavior and ignite change. 
Where did I learn this? At Stanford University, at the Design School, at every single place around the world I visited during my life, through every person i met, and at every company i worked for during the past 10 years. 

Date: Friday May 14

Time: 430 - 730 PM

Prep Work: Think about one challenge you have with your business

Filmed: Yes