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The 9 hours that will change your life

3 curated evenings // 15 hand selected passion seekers // Delicious healthy dinner and spa water // Comfortable home setting

Join a community of 400 supportive and passionate individuals today by signing up for our program.

Class 1 - First Monday of the month // Connect


1- Get clarity on your meaning, what drives you, where your passions lie and what is slowing you down

2- Learn reflection and meditation tools to boost and ignite your creativity and bring you clarity

3- Make meaningful lifetime connections with a tight, helpful and inspiring group


Class 2 - Second Monday of the month // Create


1- Structure and accountability to help you design and accomplish a creative project of your choice

2- A dedicated buddy and a mentor in the field you are passionate about

3- Regular Support and coaching along the way

4- A handmade passion bracelet to remind you of what matters every day

Class 3 - Shine event, 30 days later // Celebrate


1- Demo, showcase and sell your passion project at the famous Shine event

2- Promotion of your passion project  to up to 2,000 people through our blog

3- Alumni for life. Become part of the PASSIONCO. family

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What others are saying

I found a sense of home and community through connecting with my passion and sharing that with the workshop participants. I now have a family of 15 diverse awesome people. Thank you Passion Co.
— Jessica Amber Brown, International Conference Manager