Occupation: Childbirth support, ayurvedic practitioner & homeschool teacher

Age: 42

Passion: Illuminating our spiritual journey as humans.

Passion Project: Creating a book featuring interviews with families about their experience with personal growth through bringing up their children. The title is Simply Human.

How did the Passion Co help you achieve your Passion Project?

Passion Co was an incredible opportunity for me to bust through some of the mental obstacles that have stood between me starting a project I've been dreaming on for over a decade. The workshop exercises forced me to look within and set a course of action around creating my book. My passion partner was an amazing young man who I was able to check in with and kept me on task as daily life came up to create challenges to my time.

I'm extremely grateful for the time and space Passion Co provided. The after party was a glorious event, and the perfect celebration of the groups' efforts.

Right now, I'm looking forward to continuing my interviews for my book and hearing the very inspiring stories of personal development through raising families and everything in between.

Passion co helped me clearly identify a goal that is the very essence of who I am and who I am becoming: a creative, inspired writer!

Photos by Michlene, from her Passion Project book, Simply Human