In Workshop Two, participants sit down to design a 30-day passion project of their choice, and are held accountable, supported and mentored by others their class while completing it. Here we feature successful passion projects and hear from members of the community how The Passion Co. helped them excel + complete their projects.

Hunter Franks


1. Our Love is an interactive art project that fosters connection between both friends and strangers alike by inviting them to share the story of their first love.

2. I was surprised by where I began with the project and where I ended up. I began with the idea that I would use love, a shared human emotion, to break down social barriers and show how similar we all are. The plan was to capture people's stories about their first loves using the same set of prompts. Those stories would then be displayed along with their picture. Then viewers could see that people that looked nothing like them or lived nothing like them also had a similar story of love. However, at some point I realized that I've done many projects using written storytelling and I decided to try something new and use the project to create the opportunity for one on one interaction between people. I did a lot of brainstorming and sketching to arrive at the final format. The debut of the project at the Shine event was just the beginning. A prototype, a test to see how people use it, if they use it, why they use it. Next I will take the project out to public space and see what happens.

3. The Passion Co. provided me a strong community that encouraged and supported me through the completion of my project. A group of passionate people with a shared cause — to honor their dreams — is rare and powerful.    

Ayla Newhouse


1. For her passion project, Ayla designed a poster to describe her thinking behind Dating by Design, the subject of her new book, the ABC's of Dating by Design! Dating byDesign applies the tools, terms and techniques of design thinking to the complicated realm of romantic relationships.

2. Completing this project makes me feel like anything is possible. As soon as I decided that I would finish the book and the poster during my Passion Co. month, I started to have all kinds of new ideas for other projects. It was like my creativity started fire again!

3. The Passion Co. helped me finish a project that I started 4 years ago. This incredible community gave me the support and confidence I needed to get through the final steps and share my passion with the world.

Marissa Mossberg


1. The thankyouProject encouraged sharing, creating and expressing what we are each uniquely grateful for. Participants wrote their gratitude on post-it’s and displayed submissions for all to see. 'Incomplete' postcards were available for participants to creatively personalize and were happily mailed to loved ones all over the country by me!

2.  While creating the thankyouProject it surprised me how breaking the work into small, manageable parts made it easy to complete. Not only was I pleased that I showcased my project but I was pleased that the project was well-thought out and beautifully executed. Did I hit a wall? You bet I did. My original 'card making station to share gratitude' plan was strong but didn't work well within the environment it was going to live. The idea had to be refined. Rounds of sketching and bouncing ideas off of friends helped me fine-tune the thankyouProject immensely. Presenting the thankyouProject at Passion Co.'s December event created a feeling of success and deep happiness within me. The positive reactions the thankyouProject sparked within people and the time they took to sit down and create was priceless.

3. Passion Co. has helped me face my fear of failure. Passion Co's workshops helped me identify what I wanted and gave me the tools to go and get it!

Alex Regenstreich


1. My passion is taking pictures of faces that appear in everyday objects. With that passion I completed a book and a t-shirt line and I am creating a community that reflects the values of this project - which are to inspire delight and perspective.

2. Something that surprised me about this project was how much taking small steps could add up to actual progress. I think it is important to drill a long term goal and aim into daily, hourly tasks that you can check off to know that you are on your way to achieving what you set out for. I am also surprised yet ecstatic by the community engagement that has happened so quickly on Instagram @Iseefacestoo.  I feel excited that I finished this stage of my passion project but I also know that this is just the beginning and one small hill as I trek this mountainous journey and I look forward to the next steps in this process.

3. It is really simple how the The Passion Co. helped.  Accountability and community are two non-negotiable areas that helped me to take this step. Knowing that I have the support from other people who are just like me and you gives me the strength to move forward.