What’s Required of You

As you can tell, the Find Your Passion Course is not just about self-discovery – it's also about action, and it requires significant engagement and time commitment outside of class. Before you submit your application, we want to make sure you’re clear about what’s expected of you:

  1. That you show up on time to all 3 evening classes which run from 6-9pm on the dates listed above and take place at The Passion Co-op (i.e. Jessica's living room) near Dolores Park. You must be (reasonably) comfortable being part of a group and willing to participate in vulnerable interactive exercises.
  2. That you show up fully and consistently for your Passion Partner. We will assign an accountability partner in the first evening of the course, and we expect you to communicate with your Passion Partner according to agreements that you set together based on your projects and your needs.
  3. That you present at Shine. We expect you to be there and present your project in some way – by showcasing it or by speaking. If you're speaking at Shine, there is also a required speaker training class.

Refund Policy

Because of the small group nature of this program, it's highly disruptive when participants drop out. We cap the group size at 18 to make sure everyone gets enough attention and we aren't able to accommodate new participants once the program begins. For these reasons we ask that you carefully consider whether you can commit before you apply. If for you drop out, even for legitimate refunds, our refund policy is:

  • Full refund (minus transaction fees of up to 3%) if you drop 10 or more days prior to Evening 1 of the program.
  • 50% refund if you drop out 3 or more days prior to Evening 1. (There's a chance we can fill your spot last-minute).
  • No refunds within two days of Evening 1 or after the program begins.