As a creative, you realize that free range isn’t always the best thing. After my first workshop, the devil of endless possibilities was taken care of — the Passion Co. helped me find exactly what I wanted to do. See, the Passion Co. has arms; it reaches into your heart, your personal life, and your professional life. A synergy is created within that enables you to turn your wildest dreams into reality.
— Kwame Garrett-Price, Airbnb
As an entrepreneur, I enjoy my work immensely, but rarely do I take on a project just because I’m passionate about it. The Passion Co. workshop gave me an excuse to do just that. My passion project was to plan and organize a 5-day road trip down the California coast with a new friend, who I’m now in a relationship with! It was an experience I will never forget, and I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration, structure, and loving support that Passion Co. provides.
— Peter Rubin, Founder, Masters of the Leap
This was one of the most effectively-facilitated workshops I’ve attended. I was clear each time we met on what we would accomplish that evening, the activities were thoughtfully selected, and they were well-aligned to our ultimate goal of transforming a passion to action. I’d highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking for a supportive space to explore bringing their passion to life! Jessica and Janet are both gifted facilitators, guiding a group of amazing participants through several valuable exercises.
— Carla B., Counselor and Educator
I found a sense of home and community through connecting with my passion and sharing that with the workshop participants. I now have a family of 15 diverse awesome people. Thank you Passion Co.
— Jessica Amber Brown, International Conference Manager
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The Passion Co. gave me the space to explore my wildest dreams, the tools to extract them, the support to encourage me, and the empowerment to realize - I CAN do it - I can live out my passion.
— Mallory Vogel, server
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The safe, intimate environment that Jessica creates in her home, with healthy food and thoughtful planning, is an experience unlike many workshops. The process is highly experiential, allowing you to take charge of your fears and creative blocks, and move closer to completing a project that energizes you. You’d be hard-pressed to find an six-hour long experience that can match this fantastic one.
— Caroline Kessler Freelance writer & editor / Workshop facilitator at JVS