Get the whole Passion Co. team in your corner!

You can do this course in two ways. The core curriculum alone is surprisingly powerful (and affordable). With it you get all the support you need in an intimate group setting to successfully complete a Passion Project.

For those who want more support, you can sign up for the premium version and receive two additional 30-minute sessions with one of the Passion Co. Co team members.

These sessions are conducted on phone or Skype and can be scheduled any time during the 5 weeks.

In each session they’ll address whatever’s blocking you and help you take your Passion Project to the next level. 

Jessica Semaan was the original designer of the program and has supported over 500 participants through it. Jessica Brown is an experienced facilitator and therapist-in-training. They can immediately identify where you're stuck and help you leap forward.

At the moment, being in the Find Your Passion Course and choosing the premium option is the only way to get individual attention from the Passion Co. team.

More about the Passion Co. team here