Week 1 – Connection
Connect with yourself, your partner, the group, your meaning, and your passions.

  • You’ll get in touch with passions that you may have forgotten about or never articulated before.
  • We’ll guide you on two powerful exercises that will clarify what’s meaningful to you. Then you’ll craft a single statement that captures your life’s meaning.
  • You’ll learn about the Passion Tree, an original framework for explaining how your meaning and passions are related. 

Week 2 – Clarity
Get clarity about your Passion Project and set yourself up for success over the next 30 days.

  • We’ll support you to design a Passion Project of your choice that inspires you and is achievable by Shine.
  • You’ll face your own patterns of resistance and learn two effective ways to overcome resistance, both in your Passion Project and in your life.
  • You’ll participate in a Passion Co. commitment ceremony and receive your passion bracelet. Your project will have officially begun. Aho!

Week 3 & 4 – Action and Support
Rock your Passion Project and get support from the group

  • You’ll be taking action on your Passion Project
  • You’ll get support to overcome any challenges that you’re facing, fine-tune the definition of your Passion Project, and decide how you’re going to present at Shine.

Week 5 – Completion and Crafting Your Message
Make one final push and think about how you want to tell your story

  • You’ll receive a final boost of motivation to complete your Passion Project
  • If you want to speak at Shine, you’ll participate in our Shine Speaker Class to get guidance on public speaking and hone your 4-minute talk.

Week 6 – Celebrate!
Bonus: celebrate what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve transformed.

  • You’ll present your project at Shine and celebrate your journey.
  • We’ll ask you to offer feedback so we can continue to refine the program.
  • You’ll be welcomed into our alumni community.