How it works

Step 1 - Apply to our Program

If you are based in the Bay Area and now Seattle, go ahead and apply for free to our in person Find Your Passion Program.


Step 2 - Find your passion(s)

Once accepted into our 5 week program, you will attend the first session which focuses on helping you identify your passions, meaning and what is holding you back. The class is capped at 20 participants, so you will get the full support of the leader.


Step 3 - Create your passion project

Over the next 4 weeks you will attend 2 sessions, 2- 4 optional co-working evenings, access coaching support to design and complete your passion project. You will be paired with a passion partner that shares your interests.


Step 4 - Launch your passion project

Through our public event Shine, you will get the opportunity, to test, launch or simply introduce what you created to the world. Prior to that, you will benefit from an exclusive closing ceremony with your group.

Upcoming program - Find Your Passion Seattle 

We are officially launching our program in Seattle, first city outside of San Francisco! Apply today, for a special introductory price.